Koster islands lie along the west coast of Sweden. Very beautiful and contemplative but also barren islands, with very windswept pines and abraded stone slabs of the ice sheet.


In this album you will find various black and white images from Sweden.


Project Krakow 2012 is about capturing images of to me unknown people in a park passing the photo paper that is stretched over a brick wall a couple of hours. The people I met was very open and inviting indeed of themselves in front of the camera.


Krakow is a fantastic city with a long history. I have tried to capture people in the town and the old and exciting environments.


The artist performed seventy monumental sculptures in public spaces around Sweden. Most famous is the wall decoration "Games Room Future" (1967) in Kaknästornet, Stockholm. made of copper, nickel and enamel.



At The Sun Coast of Spain is La Mata situated near Torrevieja.