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Walter Bengtsson, born in 1927 , died in 1998 in Halmstad , was a Swedish sculptor, painter and graphic artist.

The Halland Art Society Autumn Salon got in the autumn of 1957 seven works of Walter Bengtsson, but they were all rejected. Liljewalchs art salon in Stockholm thought otherwise and exhibited all seven plants shortly afterwards and Walter Bengtsson had gotten her recognition as a sculptor. In the beginning he worked with cast aluminum, which was polished smooth in some parts to get the contrast against the rough casting surface. The downside was that there was no paint on the artworks. In his youth he was on Nyhems mechanical engineering, but then got laid off and with it a hook from förnicklingsbaden. It may have given him the inspiration to instead make the works of art in copper and then NICKELAGE, patina and enamel them to produce different colors. Even wood reliefs in pine occurs as materials in artwork rendered by him, where the 22-meter-long "Summer Camps" in Sannarpsgymnasiumets entrance is the largest. Blowers are cephalopods , which first came into being in the early 1970s and is special for Walter Bengtsson's art. An exhibition of these blowers in 1976 called for eye, ear and hand and when you touched them, so they gave a sound. The artist performed seventy monumental sculptures in public spaces around the country. Most famous is the wall decoration "Games Room Future" (1967) in Kaknästornet, Stockholm. made of copper, nickel.


The Koster islands, consisting of North and South Koster, are Sweden’s most westerly inhabited islands and are mostly covered by nature reserve. Since the islands are virtually car-free, they attract large numbers of cyclists and hikers. South Koster is a perfect island for cycling, and bikes can be hired at every pier on the island. The best way to get around North Koster is by foot, as the road network consists mainly of paths. Both islands have a variety of nature types, with lovely swimming beaches, moors, small forests, orchids and rocky landscapes with clear traces of the Ice Age.